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How important is a coolant filter on my Powerstroke truck?

One affordable way to treat your Powerstroke diesel engine equipped truck is the addition of a coolant filter kit. The coolant in a modern diesel engine pickup truck is abused much worse with the addition of pollution control devices such as EGR valves, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and more. As the coolant does it’s job the corrosion protection in the coolant breaks down. If it’s not tested and replenished or serviced regularly corrosion builds up in the coolant passages on a molecular level causing the silicants to drop out of the coolant. These silicants, similar looking to fine sand, can build up in the small passages in the oil cooler causing restricted coolant flow, cooler failure and possible engine damage.

The simple addition of a coolant filter kit allows fine filtration of the coolant, in a bypass circuit, without changing the cooling capabilities or altering the coolant flow path to the engine and radiator. The filter is a simple spin-on design that can be serviced easily and it will prevent the build up of silicants or any other debris that may be floating in the cooling system which can clog radiators and damage water pump seals. Contact us today to see about having a coolant filter kit added to your Powerstroke truck!


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